Rent to own Homes in Tucson | Prices & Companies

For people looking forward to home ownership in Tucson, rent to own home programs are reliable and most profitable. They have recently entered the market. As compared to other rental concepts, rent to own homes or lease programs offer security and time to gather funds for homeownership.

Rent to own homes in Tucson

Many real estate companies have taken the initiative to make this program available for buyers. We have created a list of reliable sources to get your first rent to own/lease homes in Tucson.

Rent to own homes in Tucson

You will find all the necessary information including listings, pricing, and contact details of rent to own home companies below.

Company name



EZ Home Sellers

(520) 230-5179

EZ Home Sellers, Tucson, Arizona 85742

Vista Point Properties

+1 520-461-1401

2840 N Country Club Rd #105, Tucson, AZ 85716, United States

Realty Store


600 Pine Ave Goleta, CA 93117

My Rent to Own


800 Corporate Drive Ste 301 Stafford, VA 22554 

Advantage Rent to Own


Advantage Rent to Own, 2424 E Broadway, Suite 200, Tucson, Arizona 85719, United States

Rent to own Labs


12301 Lake Underhill Rd #111, Orlando, FL 32828, USA



1301 2nd Ave floor 31, Seattle, WA 98101, United States

Home Finder


20 North Wacker Drive Suite 1800 Chicago, IL 60606 United States

1. EZ Home Sellers

The EZ Home Sellers company partnered with homeowners in certain areas to list their properties for rent to own program. They help in the preparation of lease documentation, mortgage loans and more. It is a go to rental service company for buyers and sellers.

Contact – (520) 230-5179

Address – EZ Home Sellers, Tucson, Arizona 85742

Website –

Average price – $310,000 for 3B to $400,000+ for 4B

2. Vista Point Properties

The company is dedicated to finding ideal rental homes for buyers in Tucson. They have helped several clients find perfect homes. Their services include residential selling, buying, and property management.

Contact – +1 520-461-1401

Address – 2840 N Country Club Rd #105, Tucson, AZ 85716, United States

Website –

Average price – $1200-1500 for 2B and 3B houses

3. Realty Store

Realty Store allows renters to fulfill their dream of home ownership. You can always find rent to own homes available on their website based on your requirements.

Contact – 800-473-1783

Address – 600 Pine Ave Goleta, CA 93117

Website –

Average price – $199,000 for 3B and $320,000+ for 5B

4. My Rent to Own

 They display listings based on your budget in categories such as homes, condos, and more. They cover famous neighborhoods in their listings. The pricing is affordable. All the details regarding the property are mentioned on their website for beforehand knowledge.

Contact – 855-458-2410

Address – 800 Corporate Drive Ste 301 Stafford, VA 22554

Website –

Average price – $1500+ for 3B and 4B

Best online portals for rent to own homes in Tucson


Average Pricing – $60,000+ for 2B to $275,000 for 6B


Average Pricing – $1000+ for 2B, $1500+ for 4B

3. Zillow

Average Pricing – $114,000 to $238,000 for 4B to 8B mansions

4. Home

Average Pricing – $1200+ for 3B, $2000+ for 4B

Final word

Home sales are rising in Tucson with increasing population. The demand for better amenities, abundant features, and historic neighborhood has paved the way for rent to own programs in Tucson.

The concept allows buyers to lease homes that they can buy in the future. They apply for the mortgage as soon as they have acquired the down payment for the property. If you are looking for buying a house in Tucson when house rates are plummeting, this is the most suitable option.


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